The Switch’s momentum is better than ever, will that continue this year?

Out of the three major companies in the gaming industry, Nintendo is the most cryptic one. They don’t play by the same rules, or the same console generation, they move at their own pace and that can be a little frustrating sometimes. Last year seems to have affected Nintendo the most, since they didn’t have any new big announcements, updates, or major Directs.

This year, beyond the recently released Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, Nintendo only has one first-party title with a release date. If other announced games actually release this year, we are looking at a very…

Will there be enough PS5 units for everyone to play this year’s exclusives?

With the release of a new generation of consoles we tend to stop and evaluate all that happened with the last one, in this case, the PlayStation 4. Sony dominated the last generation from start to end, they released a lot of great exclusive games and placed the PS4 as one of the most sold consoles ever, with more than 113 million units sold, according to the official SIE website.

The future, now with the PlayStation 5, seems to be heading for success, but there were a lot of problems with how it started. Preorders were available at unannounced times…

Let’s have some fun and appreciate the best games of 2020

Opinions are something that we all have, but despite some topics being easy to disagree on, there’s one that holds the undeniable truth… 2020 was a bad year. It sucked. Instead of starting the year with a serious article, why not a different and goofy one talking about the best games of last year, the sparks of light during a dark time.

We all know that what the gaming industry needs the most is more award shows. More prizes and ways to recognize the achievements of the past year, right? So let’s get started. Welcome to the first annual Written…

New IPs are easy to dismiss, but this one is worth your time

Every month there’s a new game coming out, be it indie or AAA, and choosing what to play is an important decision. Usually we tend to gravitate towards a genre we are familiar with or a game that hits a lot of checkboxes on our preferences, but there are times where we must pick a game over another even if both seemed interesting. Ghost of Tsushima, for me, didn’t make the cut.

It’s not uncommon for me to ride the hype train on games that pique my interest but for Ghost of Tsushima it was a little different. It had…

As the release of the next generation of consoles approach, let’s take a look at past launch lineups to keep our expectations in check.

The paintings are almost done. Just a few more touches and we’ll be able to see them clearly. On one side the Xbox Series X and on the other the Playstation 5. Both consoles are far from being blank canvases, we’ve seen the specs, the looks, and some games, but there’s still a few details missing. One of them being the games we’ll get to play on these new systems day 1.

If you are like me and can’t wait to get your hands on one of the new consoles when they release, knowing what you’ll be playing is an…

A deep analysis of the different review formats adopted by three media outlets, and how the audience can’t quite grasp what reviews truly are.

Whether we want it or not, everything around us is being reviewed. If you’re planning on buying a plant, a phone or a game, for example, you might feel compelled to check what other people think. Besides checking beforehand, there’s also the possibility of checking a review after you liked something to see how it stands compared to your opinion.

As I organised the upcoming games that I wanna buy, I realised that sometimes I like a game/franchise so much that I won’t wait the reviews, but in other cases I might wait to see how things shake up. …


Other games in the genre, like Path of Exile, must be acknowledged to ensure the franchise’s success

Back when Diablo 3 was released, I remember joking with friends saying “Dude, by the time the next Diablo is out we’ll be more than 26 years old”. Now, as we enter a phase where there’s excitement and rumours about Diablo 4, I can only feel concerned of what’s to come. Games like this, that takes more 10 years to come out, need to stick the landing and be good otherwise it’s gonna be a long time until you play another title in the series.

Released back in 2012, Diablo 3 had a lot of problems at launch but was…

We are less than 2 months away. Here’s what you should look out for.

For exactly 10 years, June has been a big month for games. The Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3, is one of the biggest gaming events of the year which means it delivers multiple announcements and updates from all the major companies in the industry. Nintendo has been a presenter since the first edition back in 1995, Microsoft began in 2000, and this year will be the first E3 ever that Sony is not a part of.

(Source: )

Multiple companies have already confirmed their presence and press-conference at E3 2019. The Microsoft keynote happens on Sunday, June 9th at 1pm PST. Bethesda jumps…

The number at the end of a game title might be intimidating, but it shouldn’t be a problem.

In the first three months of this year, a lot of great games in known franchises were released. Back when they were announced, if you were caught up with the past entries in the given series, all left to do was build up hype and wait. Now, if you never played a series and suddenly the fifth installment is coming, what are you supposed to do?!

(Each cover art copyright belongs to the respective publisher.)

Whenever you find yourself in a situation like that, a time pressure might come in effect, where you only have a set amount of time…

Different takes on existing genres are still possible.

Everyday a bunch of indie games are released and it’s hard to pay attention to all of them, given the fact that AAA titles are also coming out. Creating a list, even mentally, of the games you wanna play, helps, but finding time to go back is the real problem. Whenever you find yourself willing to start a game from your backlog, do it, because there’s a lot of gems out there.

The game Minit was on the top of my ‘need to play it sometime’ list. Since it came out in April 2018 it had my attention, given it’s…

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